Carrotech’s business was started in 1995 when South African farmers started to seek a higher level of mechanisation. The requirements of farmers, who could not find a suitable machine for a specific purpose on the South African market were, and still are, the key ingredient in Carrotech’s business strategy. Whenever we are approached with an unsatisfied demand for specialised agricultural equipment we develop solutions and source components from renown manufacturers all over the world that we combine into purpose-built machinery to meet the farmers’ needs today and in the future.

Owner and Managing Director, Arend Langer, came from a farming background in Germany and has founded the company in 1998 which offers top class agricultural equipment to the farming sector of South Africa and beyond with a dynamic and innovative team of over 60 staff members.

Products :

Monosem Ultra Max precision planter

MONOSEM Planters

Carrotech builds customised planters for the African market using Monosem components.
DUNCAN AR air seeder

DUNCAN AG - Coil tine & double disc seeders

You can sow any seed into any surface – cereals, grasses, clovers, brassicas, peas, maize and all mixtures into grassland, stubbles, ploughed and cultivated land and direct into standing cover crops.

The DUNCAN Renovator drills will penetrate existing pastures, hard and rocky as well as cultivated soils. they can be used to renovate or boost up existing pastures, sow crops such as wheat and clover, peas or canola into cultivated soils or maize stubble.

Titanium mechanical precision planter

TITANIUM - Precision Planting on a Budget

The TITANIUM planters are sturdy built No-Till planters available in 2 to 8-row tractor-mounted models.

The planters are equipped with highly accurate mechanical seed and fertiliser meters. It can be used in conventional, minimum tillage as well as No-Till conditions.

Agricultural wheels and rollers

In-Line Ripper

A robust strip-till and ripper combination to target deeper soil compaction layers.
Yetter planter attachments

Grassland SubSoiler

The Carrotech subsoiler is an ideal implement for subsoiling, pasture renovation and re-seeding. Built to farmer specification with tines working up to 350mm deep. Tines are protected by a mechanical auto-reset system. The spring loaded disc coulters open the turf without inversion and the spiked roller consolidates the aerated turf and controls the working depth. 

Agricultural wheels and rollers

OTICO FARMFLEX® - Agronomic wheels & rollers

OTICO is the world-wide leader manufacturer in semi-pneumatic rubber wheels and rollers with agronomic functions under the brand FARMFLEX®. With its own factory 1 hour from Paris, OTICO has always bet on quality and innovation. Now distributed on 5 continents, FARMFLEX® products have become essential equipment for seed drills and tillage tools. Working with all well-know agricultural machinery manufacturers, OTICO is often involved in the early stage of new equipment designs.  Carrotech is the sole distributor in South Africa.

Read more at OTICO’s website: www.otico.com

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Yetter planter attachments

Yetter planter attachments and fertiliser placement tools

With more than 84 years of solutions for agriculture, Yetter is recognised as the leader in designing planter attachments and precision fertiliser placement tools.

Precision solutions are offered for several different brands of planters. These include single disc, coulters for coulter tillage, residue managers, floating row cleaners, seed trench closing wheels, and coulter carts.

Precision fertiliser placement solutions include fertiliser placement products for liquid fertiliser and dry fertiliser, manure injection and fumigant injection products, bulk fertiliser products and nurse tanks.

Read more at Yetter’s main website: www.yetterco.com

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Dewulf top lifting carrot harvester

DEWULF Top lifting harvesters

DEWULF offers self-propelledtrailed and mounted top lifting carrot harvesters that can harvest from a single line to four rows at a time. Their models can either be equipped with a bulk hopper that is emptied at the head lands or an elevator that constantly discharges onto a trailer that runs side by side with the harvester. The DEWULF top lifting carrot harvesters are equipped with only high-quality components and well sealed bearings. DEWULF harvesters will allow you to have a comfortable harvesting season.

Read more at Dewulf’s main website: www.dewulfgroup.com

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BASELIER Rotary tillers

BASELIER Rotary Tillers are built much larger and heavier than ordinary rotavators and has straight tines instead of curved blades. The advantage of a tine is that it does not create a plough aiding root growth and drainage. A BASELEIR Rotary Tiller can work deeper than conventional machines and can therefore make a higher ridge and the crumbling action is enhanced. Users confirm that the improved seedbed results in better growth and crops of a higher quality.

Read more at Baselier’s main website: www.baselier.com

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HOLARAS Toppers & windrowers for onions

The HOLARAS toppers perform efficient topping of onions before windrowing. The machines are available as front or rear mounted models. 3 sets of rotating knives raise the leaves, cut the top, and blow it into the right wheel track. The cutting height is hydraulically adjustable by 4 support wheels. The HOLARAS windrowers are reliable and low in running costs. The onions are lifted out of the soil by means of a square lifting rod. All models have 2 webs and are equipped with an adjustable shaker underneath.

Read more at Holaras’s main website: www.holaras.nl

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Wyma Vege-Polisher

WYMA Polisher for carrots and potatoes

The WYMA Vege-Polisher™ is the most effective vegetable polishing system in the world, suitable for washing and polishing a variety of produce including potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, beetroot, etc. The polishing performance is achieved with rotary brush technology combined with the traditional drum washing agitation. The drum is made from rows of brushes that counter rotate to the drum. This will considerably improve the appearance of your fresh vegetables.

Read more at Wyma’s main website: www.wymasolutions.com

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All Round roller grader

ALLROUND Roller grader

The ALLROUND Roller Grader sizes fresh produce like carrots, potatoes and onions, by placing them between two rollers that are moving forward and rotating. The rollers are mounted on an endless chain travelling on a series of ramps. As the rollers move forward, every second roller lifts up, increasing the gap between it and every other roller which is fixed in place. When the gaps increase to the size of the produce, the produce drops through to a series of cross conveyors, if ordered.

Read more at Allrounds main website: www.allroundvp.com

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