Duncan Renovator

A simple, yet highly accurate and most versatile drill

You can sow any seed into any surface – cereals, grasses, clovers, brassicas, peas, maize and all mixtures into grassland, stubbles, ploughed and cultivated land and direct into standing cover crops.

The DUNCAN Renovator drills will penetrate existing pastures, hard and rocky as well as cultivated soils. they can be used to renovate or boost up existing pastures, sow crops such as wheat and clover, peas or canola into cultivated soils or maize stubble.

A row of wavy cutting coulters opens the slot in the ground.

These coulters cut up trash to allow it to flow through the tines but also cut about 10mm deeper than the boots which helps establish roots more easily and more quickly.

The coulters are followed by three rows of double coil spring tines with mounted Inverted T boots
The inverted T boots have a tungsten carbide leading edge. The boot’s wings and heel create a cavity and prepare an upside-down T slot that doesn’t completely close but results in a perfect seedbed for both germination and root establishment.
Behind the tines, a tine harrow could be mounted ( optional ).

The tine harrow which drags and scuffs loose soil into the slot from two directions and levels without over-firming the slot itself. They are made from hardened spring steel for longevity.
The mechanical DUNCAN seed box with its extremely accurate seed-metering system completes this simple answer to all your sowing needs.

How the inverted T slot works.

The principle of the inverted T-slot is simple and effective, giving unmatched results in all situations

  • any surface
  • every soil type and
  • all climatic conditions.

The Baker Boots on a DUNCAN seed drill have a tungsten carbide leading edge with a positive rake angle penetrating through the ground’s surface. These inverted T boots have wings on either side of the bottom creating a flat underside that slightly leans forward and on the rear is a wider heel. The wings and heel create a cavity and prepare an upside-down T-slot that remains open after the drill has passed over the field.

A set of discs at the front of the drill pre-slices an opening in which the inverted T or “Baker Boot” then passes to create a unique horizontal slot by the horizontal slicing action of its wings on either side at the bottom of the boot providing the ideal environment for best possible seed germination.

The advantages of the inverted T slot made by the Baker Boot

Creates a micro-environment that is very favourable for germination

The slot created by the Baker Boot will close itself partially behind the boot but allow light and moisture to enter through a narrow slot while the tunnel below traps the humidity and retains the warmth. Due to the Baker Boot being mounted on a double coil spring tine it vibrates slightly as it is pulled through the soil which has the effect that a little bit of soil on each side of the slot falls back into the bottom of the cavity. The placement of seed into this micro-environment or mini-greenhouse gives optimum conditions for an even germination, and the loose soil surrounding the seed permits rapid root development of the young seedlings. Yet this seed and soil mixture is placed on the firm base of the inverted T slot so that it is in good contact with the moisture rising by capillary action. This explains why the plant establishment is so positive, even in an often unfavourable environment in the presence of green vegetation, as in a pasture rejuvenation, or dying vegetation, in an arable direct-drilling condition.


Conserves moisture

Only untilled soils contain usable amounts of vapour water in addition to liquid water. Inverted T-shaped seed slots trap this humidity so that it remains available to the seeds. 50 to 100mm of soil moisture can be conserved in this way.

No smearing

Many no-tillage openers smear the sidewalls of the slots they create in damp soils. When the soil on smeared and side walls dry out it becomes a crusts that restricts root growth. Inverted T slot openers do not easily smear because the corner of the wings and heels of the boot fill with soil and soil doesn’t smear soil. Due to the cavity that remains open behind the boot, these openers also do not allow smeared soil to dry out.

No compaction

Inverted T slot openers do not compact soil due to the leading edge of the boot running slightly lower than its heel.

No hair pinning

All disc openers hairpin ( tuck folded residue into the slot ) from time to time and most then place the seeds in the hairpins. DUNCAN boots have a positive rake angle at their tungsten carbide leading edge that opens the slot and pulls all surface trash upward and pushes it aside thereby nullifying the problem entirely.

Consistent depth control

Consistent depth control is more important in no-tillage than tillage and usually difficult to achieve with a coil tine. The unique DUNCAN double coil spring tine allows the Baker Boot to move backward before it allows it to move upward resulting in consistent seeding depth.

No slot over-growing problems

As the Baker Boots shed the vegetation when drilling into green vegetation for pasture rejuvenation the wings on the bottom of the boot will prune the roots of the existing grass or green manure cover, therefore, restraining the competition of the vegetation immediately surrounding the placed seeds.

Excellent germination + better root development = exceptional plant establishment

The disadvantages of a V or U-Slot

The seed is squeezed into a narrow compacted slot with less tillage created. The discs or hoes are prone to hairpin the dying trash into the slot so it is in contact with the seed. Thus the toxicity created by the decaying vegetation can inhibit establishment.

The slot made by a double disc or a hoe is not an ideal environment for either the germination or the root development of tender young seedlings.

Duncan Product Range


Incredibly strong and durable DUNCAN coil tine drills are fitted with the “Baker Boot” to offer excellent seedbed preparation in the widest variety of conditions and soils.

Sowing width : 2.8m
Overall width : 3.0m
Number of rows : 19
Row spacing : 14.8cm
Box capacity per box : 348 Litre



  • High capacity single box
  • Dual box trailed

Optional Equipment

  • Tine Harrow 3.0m dual arm
  • Rear Tow Bar
  • Seed Level Indicator (per box)
  • Weather Skirts to Cover Over Seeder Units (pair)
  • Hectare Meter Kit
  • Third box (supplied with a new drill)

Eco Seeder

The Eco Seeder has been designed for top performance at a budget price. 3-point mounted or trailed models available.

Sowing width : 2.07m (14-row) or 2.67m
Number of rows :

14 or 18
Row spacing : 14.8cm
Box capacity per box : 295L or 338L single, 326 Litre each double


  • Single box 3-point linkage 14-Row
  • Single box 3-point linkage 18-Row
  • Dual box 3-point linkage 18-Row
  • Single box trailed 18-Row
  • Dual box trailed 18-Row

    Optional Equipment

    • Tine Harrow 2.4m dual arm
    • Tine Harrow 1.9m single arm
    • Rear Tow Bar
    • Hectare Meter Kit


    A Renovator Mk4’s four toolbars allow for closer row spacing and better trash flow.

    Sowing width : 3.0m or 3.5m
    Number of rows : 21 or 24 on 3.0m, 24 or 28 on 3.5m drill
    Row spacing : 14.8cm or 12.5cm
    Box capacity per box : 550L on 3.0m, 650L on 3.5m drill


    • 3.0m Single box trailed 21-Row
    • 3.0m Single box trailed 24-Row Narrow
    • 3.0m Dual box trailed 21-Row
    • 3.0m Dual box trailed 24-Row Narrow
    • 3.5m Single box trailed 24-Row
    • 3.5m Single box trailed 28-Row Narrow
    • 3.5m Dual box trailed 24-Row
    • 3.5m Dual box trailed 28-Row Narrow

      Optional Equipment

      • Tine Harrow 3.5m dual arm
      • Tine Harrow 3.0m dual arm
      • Rear Tow Bar
      • Electric drive (supplied with a new drill)


      Unique double-disc (scalloped & plain disc). Excellent ground penetration. Cuts through heavy trash. Delivers seed evenly in all-terrain.

      Sowing width : 2.9m or 3.4m
      Number of rows :

      23 or 27
      Row spacing : 12.5cm
      Box capacity per box : 550L or 650L


      • DD30G – 3.0m Dual Gravity Box 23-Row
      • DD30 – 3.0m Dual Air Seeder Box 23-Row
      • DD35 – 3.5m Dual Air Seeder Box 27-Row

        Optional Equipment

        • Tine harrow kit (rear tow bar required)
        • Tine harrow kit (no rear tow bar required)
        • Rear Tow Bar
        • Electric drive (supplied with a new drill)