Carrotech SubSoiler

Invest in the right tool – Fight compaction – Increase your pastures

The Carrotech SubSoiler provides superior soil fracture & low surface disturbance

Fitted with an auto-reset trip mechanism. The breakaway force equals 500kg.

Tine and cutting coulter features:

Ideal for aerating pastures and to break hardpan layers without creating too much surface disturbance.

Roller, Tine & Color Options

Spiked drum roller with auto reset tripping shank.
Smooth drum roller with auto reset tripping shank
Cage basket roller with shear bolt tine.

Rollers are available in 2.4m, 3m or 4.2m wide options. Drum rollers can be filled with liquid for extra downforce. All models are available in Red and Yellow or Blue and Black