Carrotech Ripper

Invest in the right tool – Fight compaction -Increase your yield

The Carrotech Ripper provides superior soil fracture & low surface disturbance

Ideal for in-line or inter-row tillage to break any hardpan layers without creating too much surface disturbance.
A robust strip-till and ripper combination. Ideal for seedbed preparation while targeting deeper compaction layers.

Fitted with a unique double action auto-reset trip mechanism.  The upper leg (indicated in red) collapses when in contact with a rock. The breakaway force equals 1500kg.

Ripper Tine Options

Curved shank

Fitted with a Shark-fin wear shin and a Shark-fin point.

400mm max. depth
lower draft force

Straight shank

Fitted with a reversible wear shin and a wraparound steel point. 

500mm max. depth
lower surface disturbance

Both shanks feature the unique double action auto-reset design with 1500 kg breakaway force.

The shatter wings are optional extras on both shanks. 

Both shanks can be ordered with a shear bolt mounting

Cutting coulter and strip former attachment

22” Boron steel cutting coulter with swivel action. Equipped with the SKF Agri-hub® (sealed for life)

Wavy coulters mounted on a parallel linkage for consistent working depth. Coulter angles can be adjusted to create a strip or a ridge

Residue management options

Rear mounted row cleaners with advantages in moist conditions and heavier soils
Front mounted row cleaners for heavy residue in lighter soils.

Strip forming options

Paddle wheel is more aggressive in heavy clay and cloddy soils.
Rolling basket finishes a neat seed bed in most conditions.

In-Line Ripper

Strip-Till Ripper