Titanium No-Till planter

Precision Planting on a Budget

  • maize
  • sunflower
  • soya
  • sorghum
  • beans
  • cotton
  • peanuts
  • canola
  • & other crops

The TITANIUM mechanical seed meter & The APOLLO RAMPFLOW seed discs and runners.

The TITANIUM seed meter gives the user peace of mind during the planting process.



It allows the user to check the seed meter’s performance during planting. A possibility for skips and doubled is greatly eliminated with the correct choice of seed disc and disc runner and the inspection window makes it possible for the user to double-check whether the right choice was made. There should be no skips or double seeds in the seed disc as it rotates over the drop out hole. This and the proper exit of the seed from the seed disc can easily be observed through the window.


Three polyurethane ORGANIZERS ( see 1, 2 & 3 ) are positioned at different angles against the running direction of the seed disc ( red arrow ). These ORGANIZERS wipe the seeds gently into the seed disc ensuring each hole in the seed disc is filled with only one seed at a time. The flexibility of the ORGANIZERS prevent seed from being damaged during the organising process.

The Fertisystem Auto-Lub® augers are made from highly durable corrosion free components. The stainless steel Fertisystem® auger shaft runs on two 6006.2RS ball bearings that are extremely well protected. The protection consists of a stainless steel washer, felt seal, exit hole, o-ring, oil seal and bearing seal. This design ensures many years of supreme performance without much maintenance.The Fertisystem Auto-Lub® augers are superbly performing fertiliser augers of a new generation. These augers are maintenance free and require minimum cleaning. Their open, spiral-like screw is very accurate and works very well even with damp or powdery fertilise

Key Features:

Reliable Flow rate:

Easy maintenance

Cream colour rain cap (1) can be taken off completely. Without cap (1), the tractor operator can easily monitor the fertiliser distribution. Even with cap, fertiliser will overflow through opening (a) in case of blockage in the opener. Service and cleaning is made easy as the front spout (2) clips off and the auger screw (3) can be pulled out by hand.